About me


With passion and the need to explore I’m always excited to learn. Throughout my whole life I have been fascinated by a diversity of beauty and found myself inspired by the many facets of design, the creating of concepts and visuals. The positive energy and the freedom in space and aesthetics gives nourishment to me as a person. And although I’m just getting started in the field of practicing these different kinds of artistic competences, I’m constantly learning. Which leads me to my motivation; Giving form to all the ideas that are constantly popping up in my mind, allows me to translate my imagination to creations. I believe that every person has an unique pattern and lifestyle and therefore should be approached as such. So with that being said my goal is to define personality in design. Whether it is a fashion-style, the establishment of a space to make you feel at home, decorations or different kinds of pastry and tastes. 


In short; if you are looking for style made personal and want to see your ideas translated in sophisticated and exquisite design? I believe I have the mind and competence to do so.