About me

Throughout my whole life I found myself inspired by the diversity of this world, the paths people take and the many facets of creating whether in design or in life. Concepts and visuals evolve from certain convictions and the perspective we take. With that in mind I got fascinated by the psychology of advertising. It implied that the mind, or rather peoples thoughts could be affected. My professor at that time had a compelling argument about the evolution of thinking. I was studying Graphic Design with a specialization in Advertising and Presentation techniques, and was drawn – so to speak – to the evolution of thinking. Visiting different schools, my choice fell on pedagogy – development educator. I met a few teachers at the open day, and they gave me an insight in the study with such enthusiasm at which point I realized this was a match for me. During my study I came across different fields of my future profession, such as (specialized) day care, children with special educational needs, people coping with physical and mental challenges and troubled families. I’ve always believed strongly in the concept of help and support and felt my purpose was to accommodate this to those in need. The attention, seeing the other person and recognizing not only struggles and challenges, but more important talent and capacities, can help a person grow (confidence). Being in an internship at a school for children with special (educational) needs, I then knew I also wanted to teach. I wanted to give every person the chance to create their own future, free from boundaries. So parallel to my study Pedagogy I started attending the study ‘Educational and didactic skills and science’. 

After my study, in fact in my final year, I started working in vocational education as a teacher, coach and education developer. I soon occupied different aspects of education and development, such as career counselor and social worker. When finally I grew from team leader to manager, I decided I wanted to be closer to my trade again – which I found I could do better building on my own vision. I started up my company almost five years ago in Concept, Training and Design. 

As an entrepreneur I have spent these last years coaching, training and educating built on a vision of integrated learning. I’ve worked closely with different organizations in healthcare, mainly focused on the care of people with special needs. The healthcare professionals I train are challenged on topics as psychological well-being or distress, mental health issues and communication and respectful approach, based on treasuring the individuality and living world of those in need of care and attention. I find that in person contact and interaction is a powerful tool for me to coach and educate, whether it is one person or an entire team. I take joy in sharing enthusiasm and further developing education and coaching projects. The positive energy and the freedom in space, sources and aesthetics gives nourishment to me as a person. Therefore keeping my own professional development up-to-date, is one of my quality requirements. After finishing my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in February next year, I will be starting my Master of Science in Clinical Psychology.

As shown on my website I still haven’t neglected my creative side, which I practice in my work as educator and coach as well as creator. For me creativity leads to insight and solution, when looking at a challenge together. In the approach of a person, team or company I want to contribute to this unicity. 

My expertise lies in creating a specific training customized to your team or organization, and giving guidance as a counselor on individual challenges such as career development and personal struggles. Feel free to contact me without obligation to look at the possibilities.