Predator project

August 22, 2022
The Benjamin, my son, the youngest. Outgrowing me, thriving en choosing his own path. For his own IPhone case he got the choice between different characters and animals. Just as big a...


June 24, 2022
Stockholm är bra!!! Oh my God, where to begin?! First of all: this was a surprise trip my partner arranged. Indeed, some kind of wonderful!  So the first challenge was packing my...

Mambo Italiano

May 3, 2020
Recipe Lasagne/Spaghetti Ingredients ~ Tomato sauce (basic): 1 Red onion – cut into thin, half rings 1 Shallot – cut into thin, half rings 3 Cloves of garlic – cut into thin...

A sweet tooth

June 11, 2018

Xkst. – City ‘London’

March 29, 2018
“Let me take you by the hand, and lead you through the streets of London….” One of the most beautiful songs I know. And, by God, London is beautiful! In Autumn I...