kristel January 8, 2018

For the ‘Heerenzitting Den Bosch 2018’, the Department of Surgery of the ‘Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis’ wanted to profile themselves as a group of Health Care Providors (HCP) with a logo that would stimulate recognition and embodied tradition as well as quality.

In dialogue we exchanged different possibilities that could carry out the professionalism of this group of HCP’s in their field of expertise. It had to contain strong and sustainable values combined with history and heritage. After a few sketches the final logo not only clearly states the occupation of its participants, but also makes the connection to a hospital and historic city with an impressive foundation. In the logo you will find the official landmark for the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch represented, which dates back all the way tot the Middle ages. The landmark is housed in the gate of the former ‘Groot Ziekengasthuis’ that was founded in this city in 1274. This gate was part of the original buildings from one of the three hospitals who merged, establishing the current ‘Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis’, which is well preserved and still found in the city center. The ‘Groot Ziekengasthuis’ was a place where no one was excluded and any civilian was respectfully treated. On the frontage you will find the instruments that have been used by surgeons during many centuries and are still being used today. In the end you see all elements are embraced in modern housing that still emits tradition.

Therefor it is well suited to present this at an annual charity event that celebrates this beautiful city and its culture. A gathering that not only draws attention to the ones in need but also generates financial support by fundraising. This year Villa Pardoes will be supported. Villa Pardoes creates an unforgettable holiday for families who live their daily lives with a child who has a serious, potentially life-threatening illness.