kristel August 22, 2022

The Benjamin, my son, the youngest. Outgrowing me, thriving en choosing his own path. For his own IPhone case he got the choice between different characters and animals. Just as big a fan of Marvel and nature, we often awe when seeing a movie – whether it’s the X-men, Venom or Spiderman – and gaze at nature. Like me, he can spend hours in the water searching for fish and other animals. At home he recites all kinds of interesting facts, having seen some documentary, hearing the news or after reading his National Geographic Junior. I wanted to give him something personal and original for his birthday, so I asked him what he would like. We looked at some pictures and he selected a few characters and animals that he allocates the predicate: ‘cool’. After making some drawings, he decided it would be the tiger. So after two days of styling, he chose this design. Typical, as it symbolises strength. Everyday I think I couldn’t be more proud, and still everyday I’m surprised. Audaces fortuna iuvat.