kristel February 20, 2018

Anvers – Je t’aime


What a city! Places to go, enjoy & relax…..

Antwerp, a city with endless possibilities to enjoy. As much as you enjoy life itself! It doesn’t matter if you are ready to get a beer or lean more to gettin’ a serious luxurious cocktail; “Antwerp is the place to be!”

Therefore I wanna take you to a few treasures you need to visit….

Important to know is that in order to make your citytrip as relaxed as possible, it is good to know how to travel. That is why I recommend to look up the nearest parking garage before you drive in to the city. The traffic as wel as signings in Antwerp can be pretty overwhelming. Also the rush hour can be frantic, so be sure to keep your whits (& google maps standing by you as your own personal guide! :).

If you’re in for a short visit, you cannot miss ‘Bier Central’. Beer as far as the eye can see. Triple, double, amber, fruity, ale, you name it…they got it! A beer menu that dazzles you, is presented, so you can make a thought-out choice. Good luck with that many beautiful liquids! Friendly personnel and a great pub-like ambience.

I myself stayed at Les Nuits & The Julien. My love goes to both accommodations, as they each have their own assets. The ambience in Les Nuits really sets out a classy yet trendy vibe. They really succeeded at combining traditional setting in a modern style. Hip & happening! The rooms have a romantic yet sexy interior and are provided with many facilities. Personnel is real friendly and privacy is well obtained. Next to the extremely comfortable bathtub, the breakfast is probably one of the best I ever had. Excellent roomservice made sure we had a lovely breakfast in bed. All I could ever want and need was on that tray; croissants (“Mais bien sûr!”), marmelade, scones, clotted cream, granola, yoghurt, fresh fruits, coffee, tea, perfectly baked primeval bread, cheese, charcuterie, fruits juices….and so on and so fort.. In short everything to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

Then there is The Julien; where serenity and comfort is thriving in every detail. Earthy colours that make you feel at ease instantly. A master suite that is provided with all the space and facilities that you need. But in particular the bathroom and private SPA. Both love at first sight. If you want time away to find peace and quit, a night here is recommended.

After we checked in we were off into the sparkling city that is Antwerp. Determined to go to Cocktails at nine, we discovered we were a bit early (Right? When is it ever to early for cocktails?! Beats me ;). So we saw a cute little place across the street, called Barbette. We were drawn to the terrace, where a jolly waiter served people with a constant smile and witty comments. It seemed like the perfect spot to take a load off; some bubbly, wine and (our favourites) charcuterie & cheese. Oh my God! Total foodgasm! The jolly waiter Kurt, owner as we later learned, prepped us two delectable platters of goodies. Behind the counter he had al kind of beautiful cheeses and meats (Bresola recommended!!!!), that made up our dish, joined by a diversity of jams & nuts. After some laughs with Kurt, other tables (it’s feels like a warm family gathering every time) and a few more glasses of bubbly, we left with a huge smile on our faces.

Up for some classy drinks at Cocktails @9! And classy they were! A little piece of Heaven presented in a beautiful cup or glass. They have a well arranged menu. Which means that the only down side is to make your choice….always a challenge ;)! Enjoy your liquid infusion on a lounge sofa or arm chair in front of the fireplace.

As if that wasn’t enough…..we went out for diner at Roji. Best King crab I ever had, anywhere (Vane in Eindhoven came a close second!). Diner at Roji never fails! The sushi is to die for and the ambiance is really warm! Your taste buds never get disappointed here, whether it is the food or the drinks. Cocktails and wine suiting the different needs of every guest. Enjoy!

Be sure to do some shopping in this city! Don’t forget the necessary indulgence ….with other words: stop by a good chocolaterie. Look for Mary Chocolatier or Elisa Pralines….a souvenir to extend the pleasures of your city trip when you get home! Sallukes!